Camp NaNo — Who’s Going?

Writers know about NaNoWriMo — National Novel-Writing Month. Most of us have probably participated in the event at least once, maybe twice, or maybe we have the month permanently marked in red on our calendars. But what about Camp NaNo?

CampfireIt seems a little odd that it’s Camp NaNo, not Camp Write-a-novel-in-July, but I guess that would be a bit confusing. We’re comfortable with NaNo, and we all know what it means, right? Right.

Camp NaNo is a little different from the original 50,000 word writing challenge that happens every year in November. At Camp NaNo, things are a bit looser, a bit more relaxed. It’s a fun, make-your-own rules writing event.

Don’t feel up to doing a complete novel? Set your own word count goal.

Want to use the time to work on a draft you’ve already begun? Sure. No problem.

I love Camp NaNo because it’s exciting to meet new authors, get a few stirring pep talks, and read the posts in the forum. I love the creative atmosphere that surrounds Camp NaNo.

I hope you’ll sign up and join me.